About Allison Island

Located on beautiful Biscayne Bay is the 8.5 acre land mass better known as Allison Island, a Miami Beach island highly regarded for its spacious lots and its luxurious residential property. The unique oblong shape of Allison Island combined with expansive plots of land allotted to each residence allows each home ample space and a desirable location by the waterfront.

Value, expansive lots and high end luxury are just some of the qualities that are used to define Allison Island real estate. The majority of Allison Island properties boast features like impeccably lush landscaping, boat docks, circular driveways, sparkling swimming pools and extensive front and backyards. Many Allison Island properties also have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms while a particular handful have entire tennis courts, a courtyard and spacious lawns in the backyard.
The location of Allison Island is second to none. It’s near some of Miami Beach’s finest and most upscale restaurants, trendy retail, and varied entertainment yet it doesn’t sacrifice its high degree of privacy thanks to its status as an island. Two of Miami Beach’s most attractive and well regarded golf courses (Indian Creek and La Gorce Country Club) are barely a mile away from Allison Island and since the island is on Biscayne Bay, it’s an ideal choice for boating enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys maritime activities.

Address Price Bed/Baths Interior Space $sf/$m² WF/Pool MLS Number
6494 Allison Rd
$34,999,000 6 / 8 / 1
7,719sf / 717m² $4,534 / $48,807m² Y / Y
6565 Allison Rd
$21,900,000 6 / 4
5,570sf / 517m² $3,932 / $42,323m² Y / Y
6320 Allison Rd
$14,800,000 7 / 6
5,811sf / 540m² $2,547 / $27,415m² Y / Y
6350 Allison Rd
$13,500,000 5 / 5 / 1
5,082sf / 472m² $2,656 / $28,595m² Y / Y

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